Children's Hospital Pyjamas CEO's daughter, with a team of nurses, after winningCroydon's Child of Courage award 8 years ago!

8 years ago…

8 years ago this month my daughter won Croydon’s “Child Of Courage award” after a 2 year battle with Leukaemia.

This picture was taken on that night. The picture also includes some of my daughters’ nurses. These Nurses are from Children’s Hospital at Home Team, Croydon (CHAH) they too were up for an award.

This team were part of our lives for the whole 26 months my daughter was on treatment. They make families lives easier by coming to your home to administer medicines, take blood and offering some treatments that you would ordinarily have to go to the hospital for. The support they offer goes a lot further than the treatments they give.

CHAH is also on our list for donations this year as they have been in past years. Those poorly children will also receive brand new pyjamas.

Spreading love through comfort in places you could not begin to imagine even exist. Let’s get those donations in!!

On our way to 10k.