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    Our Hearts Donation 2021

    In January, we started our ‘from me to you hearts sewing group’. We put out a plea to the public and people started joining the group in flocks! To date, we have over 1500 stitchers. Our aim was to create 20,000 pairs of hearts to accompany our pyjamas. We had a nine-month deadline. The hearts have come in daily, in the 1000’s. Individual stitchers have joined the team as well as sewing clubs. The support has been absolutely amazing and 3 months into our nine months deadline our fantastic stitchers have PASSED the target!! We have the 20,000 hearts we needed! So now we are spreading the love even further…

  • emily our supporter with PJs she has collected for CHP
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    Thank you, Emily!

    Meet one of our young supporters Emily. In April this year, she had acute kidney trauma, failure in both kidneys and sepsis. She was treated by the wonderful doctors and nurses at Birmingham Children’s Hospital and has thankfully now made a full recovery. Emily wanted to support our campaign as this is our first year donating to Birmingham Children’s Hospital. With help from family and friends, she has collected a fantastic 36 pairs of pyjamas! Thank you, Emily!

  • children lying on a blanket in PJs

    Donate New PJs

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