Our appeal for 2020 has finished!

I know long but please bear with me.

Our 2020 appeal has now ended.

We have completed our 11th year of appeals. The team are busy counting, packing and delivering your donations. After what has been an extremely difficult year we assumed donations would be a low amount. We chose not to post too much asking for donations as we did not want anyone to feel guilty for not being able to help us this year.

When I spoke to the establishments on our register I explained that things may be different but as always the team would do our best to get the donations in. We normally hand over what we call a ‘full collection’ to everyone on our register. This works out to be 4 pairs of pyjamas in each size (2 girls and 2 boys) it comes to just under 100 pairs of pyjamas. What normally happens is that we end up donating so much more than this and the amount varies depending on the space each establishment has to store the donations. These donations are given out at Christmas but are then used throughout the year.

For children in hospital who are brought in, in emergencies, accidents where clothes have been cut off, children brought in through social services, bereaved children and the list goes on. Despite this year being a tough year, your donations have flown in. We have been amazed at the support we have received. It has been truly humbling watching the number of donations rise. We decided to hand over just a ‘full collection’ to each establishment so that we could spread your love even further. What has in fact happened is we have still been able to do both.

Handing over mass amounts and Increasing from 62 establishments last year to over 80 this year.

Thank you so much for your support.

We appreciate every single one of you. Thank you for the donations and the post likes and shares. It has all helped us to have yet another successful appeal 💛

Thank you to all our collection points who have collected and helped us bring in your donations. To all our schools, nurseries, clubs and businesses who have joined our CHP family and held various events to get our donations in. We thank you. Please also help me thank my amazing team. 53 Coordinators and volunteers manage your donations (this does not include the staff at all our collection points).

Despite having families and full-time jobs they have still found the time to help us achieve what we have. Over half of the team have experience having had a child fight a life-threatening illness. For some of my team, their children are still fighting. Through the ups, downs and heartache for different members of the team, they have managed to pull together for the last few weeks and get the appeal to this point. Without this amazing team, there would be no Children’s Hospital Pyjamas. Thank you team CHP, 1000’s of children will smile because of your efforts and commitment to the charity. I really do have the dream team 💛

Thank you again for all your support. We will be back to share pictures of our drop offs, our grand total of pyjamas donated and a final list of everyone that has benefited because of your love.

Charmaine x