Celebrating 100,000 PJS for Children’s Hospital Pyjamas!

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Exciting news! We have now donated 100,000 pairs of pyjamas, set up this new website design and updated our charity logo!!! 🥳

We have been keeping the 100,000 a BIG secret as we reached this mahoosive total at the end of 2023, but we delayed sharing this as we wanted to celebrate with our team first.

This amazing milestone means that in the 11 years we have been gifting pyjamas, 100,000 children have received a donation and that little bit of extra comfort from our charity.

Examples of where these donations have been used include children that have been in road traffic accidents and had their clothes cut, children who have been brought to hospital via social services, children who have arrived in refuges after fleeing their homes and the list really does go on.

We decided it was the perfect time to make some changes to the charity and we started with our logo. We absolutely love the new design and we hope that you do too ❤️

We have many thank you’s to make:

• To the team for their continued effort to make the charity what it is.

• To all our supporters for everything you do to help us reach the thousands of children we do each year.

• To the lovely David of www.everywherebrand.com for designing our amazing logo.

• To Sally for putting us in touch with the right people to help us and to her husband, James, from www.jamescroftimages.com for taking photos of our team get-togethers.

• To Nicole for designing our new website

I am so thankful for our CHP family. Let’s see how many children we can help this year and increase our amazing total.

Team CHP x