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Area Co-Ordinator: What’s Involved?

We’ve had a few people asking about the role of an Area Co-Ordinator lately, so hopefully, this post will answer any questions!

An Area Co-Ordinator works within their local area, spreading awareness of our charity and asking friends, family, businesses, schools and members of the public to donate monies or brand new pyjamas to us. These PJs are collected throughout the year and stored by our coordinators, although our official appeal begins on 1st September.

Each amazing Area Co-Ordinator also liaises with local hospitals, hospices, refuges and school hospital teams to find out who would like PJ donations. They then deliver these donations at the end of November, so that poorly or disadvantaged children and young people have new PJs for Christmas or whenever they’re needed throughout the year.

Last year, we were able to donate 21,057 pairs of pyjamas to 202 locations and this wouldn’t be possible without our coordinators. If you’re thinking about becoming a coordinator, please send us an email with your location and phone number, so that one of our team can give you a call to discuss this in more detail, to

Our coordinators are absolutely amazing and the time and energy they give to our charity are very much appreciated.