Thank you for all of your continued support! Here we are sharing some of our recent testimonials, if you’d like to read more you can view them directly on our Facebook page.

Hey lovely people, I’ve been supporting this wonderful appeal since 2011, the admins do an amazing job, for a fantastic cause and every year I try and make my personal target bigger and thanks to my family and friends we did it. Please join us in making next year bigger and better. x 😍

Debbie Franklin.

Such a wonderful thing to do for those that really need a little gift xx

Teresa Patrick

An amazing bunch of people doing a wonderful job of making smiles happen x

Val Jones

A pair of pyjamas for a poorly child at Christmas. Why not ? No one wants there kids in hospital at Christmas but it happens ,unfortunately every year a child will end up sick on Christmas Day put a smile on there faces doesn’t matter how young or old with pyjamas for when the big man visits. Charmaine has being doing this for 9 years and now has a team of pj fairies to get to as many children as possible.

Make a child smile this Christmas.

Caroline Chipperfield

Selfless hardworking and strong ladies making a difference to lots of little lives. Keep up the hard work! you guys have and are doing an amazing thing.

Chloe Victoria

Such an amazing cause! Well done to the organisers! Will start buying through the year to donate more pairs for next year ♥️ This is my daughter with our donations for this year ♥️

A wonderful idea, some may say a simple idea but can make all the difference to a child and their parent at a difficult time. My son went to hospital in his school uniform, 7 hours later we had been given a diagnosis of leukaemia and were sent to intensive care by ambulance. We had nothing with us, but being given a pair of pjs for my son provided at least some sense of normality in the whirl wind of everything else happening. Thank you all for your hard work with this appeal. It really does make a difference x

Samantha Luk

This is a fantastic idea that I have supported every year since it began. Being an inpatient for any length of time, especially over Christmas, can be difficult for anyone and a new pair of pyjamas for a child to open and wear can be a huge boost for them. Please help to put a smile on a child’s face this Christmas…

Elizabeth Parlett

It’s for a fantastic cause 🙏🏼 For innocent children who would love something as simple, but comforting as a new pair of pjs❤️

KT Jordan

Please support this very worthy cause! What a lovely way to make a poorly child feel good at Christmas (and throughout the year!)

Great idea…buy some every year…

Such a nice idea! Thank you so much to everyone who donates – and to the wonderful team of ladies who make it happen. It was a lovely surprise for my son when he received a pair this week during an inpatient stay. It’s little things like this that really help to take the edge off the fact he is missing out on the last week of school and all that entails – Christmas shows etc.

Alison Martin

Fantastic idea! Needs all the support it can get.

Fiona Fenge

Just wanted to say a big Thankyou my my daughters pyjamas that we received on the 20th December at Broomfield hospital in essex.being a parent of a medically complex child or a seriously sick child is probably one of the loneliest things that can happen. You may have people around you but you always some how feel alone. This year has been tough for us and when I returned to my daughters room yesterday to see the pyjamas there it brought a smile to my face. The random act of kindness made me realise we weren’t invisible and there are people out there who realise just how stressful and rubbish it can be having to be in hospital at any time but especially on the run up to Christmas.

Thank you for seeing us and Thank you for the act of kindness.

Christine Dv

I get so emotional reading people’s stories. It’s just something that shouldn’t happen and is so harrowing. You couldn’t find us last year to give my Jack a pair, do you remember? I think we’d left. But we had a stay in the QE later on in treatment, and jack was sick. We had gone through all our jammies. Out comes a pair that must’ve been left over from Christmas. Jack was well pleased as they were Thomas ones! He still wears them now.

Thank you all that collect and donate xx

Sarah Tylee