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    We shared this lovely message from one of our amazing volunteers on our social media pages. Some of you may know that I also volunteer for a charity called Children’s Hospital Pyjamas. I received this message last night from one of our lovely supporters on this page. Wishing you a speedy recovery little man “ I always try and support this charity as much as possible due to my grandson being poorly on a regular basis. Well, he’s in again tonight on rainforest ward. After being sick on his last pair of pj’s he was given a donated pair. So I would just like to say a big thank you…

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    Our 2021 Grand Total

    The team have been patiently waiting for this post Firstly we would like to thank everyone that has helped us create this many smiles. Our collection points, schools, Colleges, community groups, local businesses, supermarkets absolutely everyone that has been connected in any way. Last year we collected 15,636 pairs of pyjamas and donated them to 91 different establishments up and down the country. The growth each year amazes me. Our grand total for this year is …….. Drum roll, please! 19,289! We smashed last years total! Below is a list of every establishment that has received a donation from this year’s appeal and the pictures are a few taken at…

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    Support from St Mildreds!

    One of our biggest thank you’s goes to St Mildred’s Parish Church. St Mildreds is our collection point in Croydon. They have been responsible for taking in your donations that came in through the Croydon Wish list. As well as being a collection point and having people pop in to leave donations for us. This year the charity as a whole will be donating to over 80 different establishments. The donations that came in through St Mildreds make up collections for over 30 of those establishments. Without their help, we are not sure what we would do in South London. Before Covid, we collected and packed at this location. The…

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    Studio Six Dance School

    Would like to say a massive Thank you too … STUDIO SIX DANCE SCHOOL Folkestone Kent They raised £477 which they brought 101 pairs of pyjamas with the proceeds. We are truly grateful to you all, we really appreciate all you’re efforts..well done! Making children a little more comfortable & will surely put a smile on their face’s at Christmas time

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    With thanks!

    Before we share our final total with you, we have a couple big thank you’s we need to make. Firstly: Santis Global who for the second year in a row have completed ALL our deliveries for us. We have over 50 Area Coordinators based up and down the Country. Santis has been responsible for delivering all the packages that included delivery bags, tags, ID cards and stationery to every coordinator. They also delivered bags of pyjamas to four of our hospitals where we had no coordinators or volunteers to deliver and then sent out extra packages for us to top up the coordinators because we did not anticipate the support…