Support from St Mildreds!

One of our biggest thank you’s goes to St Mildred’s Parish Church.

St Mildreds is our collection point in Croydon. They have been responsible for taking in your donations that came in through the Croydon Wish list.

As well as being a collection point and having people pop in to leave donations for us. This year the charity as a whole will be donating to over 80 different establishments. The donations that came in through St Mildreds make up collections for over 30 of those establishments.

Collage of images from St Mildred's.

Without their help, we are not sure what we would do in South London. Before Covid, we collected and packed at this location. The staff are always super helpful and very accommodating of the 1000’s of parcels that come through their doors. When looking out for your community is actually put in to practice. We thank St Mildreds for helping us each year and for being massive support to the work we do getting the donations in and out to all the children. We truly appreciate your support St Mildreds 💛#spreadinglovethroughcomfort