With thanks!

Before we share our final total with you, we have a couple big thank you’s we need to make.

Firstly: Santis Global who for the second year in a row have completed ALL our deliveries for us. We have over 50 Area Coordinators based up and down the Country. Santis has been responsible for delivering all the packages that included delivery bags, tags, ID cards and stationery to every coordinator. They also delivered bags of pyjamas to four of our hospitals where we had no coordinators or volunteers to deliver and then sent out extra packages for us to top up the coordinators because we did not anticipate the support we would receive from you all.

santis delivery service logo pictured on grey van

Can we add the major fact here, Santis Global have charged us for NONE of this. They sneakily took our deliveries and when the invoice we were waiting for was taking too long I enquired where it was and was told by the manager Luke Eggar that this was their contribution to the charity. We need our supporters to do us a MASSIVE favour please, please go over and ‘like’ Santis’s page and also if you have a business or even personal packages please consider using Santis for your deliveries.

We truly appreciate their support.

Secondly: Will Trethithick has been completing his Duke Of Edinburgh award and part of this has meant that he has volunteered to help a charity. For the last couple of months, Will has been tagging and sorting our pyjamas for us. It is really not a cool job for a 15-year-old boy but Will has got his head down, got stuck into it and literally tagged and bagged 100’s of your donations. Thank you for choosing our charity, Will. You have been a big asset to us this year and we will be sure to notify your school.

Our next post today will be our grand total 🎉🎉